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Partner Service Authorized Grundfos – Inspection on water pumps for households and industrial premises in the health of picking pumps grundfos dealers with our company help the needs of grundfos water pump solution.

The original grundfos water pump needs a good grundfos dealer place in choosing the grundfos water pump specification for your needs in fulfilling the needs of its energy-saving process on your premises.

Dealer & Service Partner Authorized Grundfos Indonesia

Grundfos water pump is a very good pump to overcome the need of a water program where the water pump already has a very actual test even grundfos water pump already has an automatic program on the water needs are in need and if the water pump is not in use Then the grundfos water pump was automatically stopped immediately because to save power on the existing needs.


Some Grundfos Domestic Water Pumps :

1.      Grundfos JP Basic 32.      Grundfos JD Basic 33.      Submersible Pump Grundfos4.      Scala 2 Grundfos5.      Grundfos NS Basic6.      Booster Pump Grundfos7.      Booster Pump Mini Grundfos8.      Pompa Celup9.      Hydro Multi CM (Grundfos)10.  Pompa Transfer11.  Grundfos Pump CMB12.  Grundfos  CM SP Needs of water pump for your household can choose a water pump that has a very good specific in mastering the concept of clean water needs and has a power-efficient at household water pumps.


Some Industrial Water Pumps :


  1. Grundfos DP & EF
  2. Grundfos SL1
  3. Grundfos SLV
  4. Grundfos SEG
  5. Grundfos AP – 1 Phase
  6. Grundfos AP – 3 Phase
  7. Grundfos SP – 1 Phase
  8. Grundfos SP – 3 Phase
  9. Grundfos SP – Bare Pump
  10. Grundfos Small CR
  11. Grundfos Large CR
  12. Grundfos Extra Large CR
  13. Grundfos Small CRN
  14. Grundfos CR Bare Pump
  15. Grundfos CM – 1 Phase
  16. Grundfos CM – 3 Phase

Needs of Industrial Water Pump has a very important requirement in the process of its road production needs in industrial companies in Indonesia.

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