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Jasa Service Panel

Jasa Service Panel Genset,Jasa Service Panel Pompa Grundfos,KSB,WILO
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PT.Duta Kreasi Mulia Telah memberikan pelayanan baru Pembuatan Jasa Service Panel Pompa ataupun Panel Genset generator bidang listrik dan mekanik dan pembuatan panel listrik, baik untuk individu perusahaan, perusahaan swasta dan instansi pemerintah,dengan berbagai daerah yang kami adakan Jasa service Panel di Jakarta,Jasa service panel di Bandung,Jasa service panel di Medan,Jasa service panel di Surabaya,Jasa service panel di Bali,Jasa service panel Indonesia.

  • Jasa pembuatan panel listrik
    # Progresif Layanan:
     piring membuat AC / DC Generator
     piring membuat ATS / AMF
     piring membuat generator sinkron
     membuat piring LVMDP
     membuat bank pelat kapasitor
     PKG piring membuat
     membuat piring pompa
    layanan listrik


  • # Progresif Layanan:
     Panel AC / DC layanan generator arus
     ATS / AMF Layanan
     Panel layanan generator sinkron
     Panel LVMDP Layanan
     panel jasa bank intens
     Layanan PKG panel
     Panel Pompa Layanan


  • WERRING Layanan Listrik
    # Progresif Layanan:
     panel Werring AC / DC Generator
     Panel Werring ATS / AMF
     Panel Werring generator sinkron
     Panel Werring LVMDP
     Werring piring capasitor bank
     Werring panel PKG
     panel pompa Werring
    – Layanan dukungan panel listrik
    layanan dukungan operasional


  • # untuk panel layanan listrik, antara lain:
     sistem instalasi dan kabel listrik Panel
     menginstal dan pengaturan panel
     tes panel commisoning
     panel Transfer / Hapus panel
     Kontrol Modul Panel menyesuaikan


pump-panel-1 Jasa Service Panel Genset,Jasa Service Panel Pompa Grundfos,KSB,WILO

Duta Kreasi Mulia

Lokasi Survei kami :

Lokasi Megah Emas I No.24 Rukan Megas Cikarang Centrer

Jl. Gemalapik Raya, Cikarang Barat Bekasi – Jawa Barat.

Contact Person :

Tlp Kantor : +62-21 2961 2142

Fax Office : +62-21 8991 1259

Contact Person : +62-812 1042 2717

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  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos di Surabaya
  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos di Medan
  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos di Lampung
  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos di Makasar
  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos di bali
  • Distributor Pompa WIlo (Jakarta,Bekasi,Cikarang,Bandung)
  • Distributor Pompa KSB (Jakarta,Bekasi,Cikarang,Bandung)
  • Distributor Pompa Grundfos (Jakarta,Bekasi,Cikarang,Bandung)
  • Distributor Pompa ABB (Jakarta,Bekasi,Cikarang,Bandung)


NB :

The centrifugal Pump

in 1689 The physicist Denis papin invented the centrifugal pump and today this kind of pump is the most used around the world. The centrifugal pump is built on a simple principle: liquid is led to the impeller hub and by means of the centrifugal force it is flung towards the periphery of the impellers,

The construction is fairly Inexpensive,robust and simple and its high speed makes it possible to connect the pump directly to an asynchronous motor. The centrifugal pump provides a steady liquid flow,and it can easliy be throttled without causing any damage to the pump.

Now let us have a look at figure , which shows the liquid’s flow through the pump. The inlet of the pump leads the liquid to the center of the rotating impeller fom where it is flung towards the periphery. This construction gives a high efficiency, and is suitable for handing pure liquids. Pumps,which have to handle impure liquid’s,such as wastewater pumps, are fitted with an impeller that is constructed especially to avoid that objects get stocked inside the pump.

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